City Of Tulsa Animal Welfare

City of Tulsa Animal Welfare: Ensuring the Well-being of Four-legged Companions


When it comes to the well-being of our furry friends, the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare is committed to providing top-notch care, shelter, and protection to all animals within its jurisdiction. As pet owners, it is heartwarming to know that our beloved companions are in safe and caring hands should they ever be in need of assistance or support. In this article, we will delve into the essential services offered by the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare, explore their initiatives, and shed light on their mission to create a more compassionate and responsible community for animals.

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1. History and Mission of City of Tulsa Animal Welfare

The City of Tulsa Animal Welfare, established in 1997, has a longstanding history of providing compassionate care and protection for animals in the Tulsa area. As an organization, their mission is to promote responsible pet ownership, prevent the spread of animal diseases, and ensure the safety and welfare of both domestic and wild animals.

2. Adoption and Rehoming Services

One of the primary objectives of the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare is to find loving homes for animals in their care. They facilitate the adoption process by maintaining an up-to-date database of available animals on their website, allowing prospective pet owners to browse through the profiles and find their perfect match. Moreover, the adoption fees cover vaccinations, microchipping, spaying/neutering, and other necessary medical treatments, ensuring that the animals are ready to join their new families.

3. Lost and Found Program

For pet owners who have lost their furry companions, the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare provides a comprehensive lost and found program. By collaborating with animal control officers, shelters, and the public, they work diligently to reunite lost pets with their owners. The program includes online databases, where individuals can report their lost or found pets, increasing the chances of successful reunions. Additionally, the organization maintains a physical space where lost animals can be brought in, aiding in facilitating the search process.

4. Spaying and Neutering Initiatives

In an effort to control the pet overpopulation problem, the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare is devoted to promoting responsible pet ownership through spaying and neutering initiatives. They offer affordable spay/neuter services for owned pets, as well as a Trap-Neuter-Return program for feral cats. By preventing the birth of unwanted litters, these efforts not only help individual animals but also contribute to the overall welfare of the community.

5. Animal Control and Field Services

The City of Tulsa Animal Welfare ensures the safety and well-being of both humans and animals through their dedicated animal control and field services. Animal control officers respond to calls concerning stray animals, aggressive animals, animal bites, and other related issues. They work to enforce animal ordinances and regulations, ensuring public safety and minimizing potential conflicts between animals and humans. Furthermore, they provide emergency assistance in times of natural disasters or other emergencies.

6. Education and Outreach Programs

Education plays a vital role in promoting responsible pet ownership and creating a more compassionate community. The City of Tulsa Animal Welfare recognizes this and actively engages in educational outreach programs. They host workshops, seminars, and community events to educate pet owners on topics such as pet care, behavior training, and animal welfare laws. By spreading awareness and knowledge, they aim to empower the community to become better pet owners and advocates for animals.

7. Volunteer and Donor Opportunities

The City of Tulsa Animal Welfare welcomes community involvement and offers various ways for individuals to contribute to their cause. They have a dedicated volunteer program where animal lovers can assist with activities such as socializing animals, grooming, and helping with events. Additionally, the organization accepts donations, both monetary and in-kind, to support their day-to-day operations and ongoing initiatives. These contributions significantly impact their ability to provide comprehensive care to the animals under their care.


The City of Tulsa Animal Welfare is a shining example of an organization that is committed to providing excellent care and support to animals in need. Through their various initiatives, they actively strive to create a community that values and respects the well-being of all animals. Whether through adoption and rehoming, lost and found services, spaying and neutering initiatives, or education programs, their impact on the lives of animals and the community as a whole is immeasurable. With the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare in place, pet owners can have peace of mind knowing that their beloved companions are receiving the care and attention they deserve.


1. Can I visit the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare facility?

Yes, the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare encourages visits to their facility during their designated visiting hours. It is a great opportunity to meet potential adoptable animals, inquire about their services, and learn more about how you can contribute to their cause.

2. How can I report a lost or found pet?

You can report a lost or found pet through the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare’s online databases, which are regularly updated. By providing detailed information and photos, you increase the likelihood of reuniting pets with their rightful owners.

3. How can I volunteer with the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare?

The City of Tulsa Animal Welfare has a volunteer program that welcomes individuals who are passionate about animals. You can visit their website or contact their office to learn more about volunteer opportunities, requirements, and how you can get involved.

4. Can I donate to the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare?

Absolutely! The organization greatly appreciates donations from individuals and businesses. Donations can be made either monetarily or through in-kind contributions. These donations help support the daily operations, medical treatments, and enrichment programs for the animals in their care.

5. How can I adopt a pet from the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare?

Adopting a pet from the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare is a straightforward process. You can start by browsing their available animals on their website and noting down the animal’s identification number. Once you have found a suitable match, you can visit their facility during visiting hours to complete the adoption paperwork and bring your new companion home. Adoption fees apply and cover necessary medical treatments.

By providing top-notch care, shelter, and protection to animals, the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare plays a crucial role in creating a compassionate and responsible community. Through their various programs and initiatives, they promote responsible pet ownership, provide adoption opportunities, facilitate lost and found services, and educate the public on animal welfare. Their dedication and commitment to the well-being of animals are truly commendable, and their efforts continue to positively impact the lives of both animals and their human counterparts.

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